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Fitness & Injury Prevention Program

The fitness and injury prevention program will be core stability, neuromuscular control and balance, eccentric training (especially of the hamstring muscles) and plyometric exercises and agility (change of direction and speed):


Core Training: The “core” represents a functional unit, which not only includes the muscles of the trunk (abdominal, back extensors) but also of the pelvic-hip region. The preservation of core stability is one of the keys for optimal functioning of the lower extremities (especially the knee joint). Football players must possess sufficient strength and neuromuscular control in their hip and trunk muscles to provide core stability. There is growing scientific evidence that core stability has an important role to play in injury prevention.


Neuromuscular control and  balance: neuromuscular control does not represent a single entity, but rather complex interacting systems integrating different aspects of muscle actions (static, dynamic, reactive), muscle activations (eccentric more than concentric), coordination (multi-joint muscles), stabilisation, body posture, balance and anticipation ability. There is strong empirical
and growing scientific evidence that sport-specific neuromuscular training programmes can effectively prevent knee and ankle injuries. 

Plyometrics and agility: plyometrics are defined as exercises that enable a muscle to reach maximum strength in as short a time as possible. Eccentric muscle contractions are rapidly followed by concentric contractions in many sport skills. Consequently, specific functional exercises that emphasize this rapid change in muscle action must be used to prepare athletes for their sport-specific activities. The aim of plyometric training is to decrease the amount of time required between the yielding eccentric muscle contraction and the initiation of the overcoming concentric contraction. plyometrics provide the ability to train specific movement patterns in a bio-mechanically correct manner, thereby strengthening the muscle, tendon and ligament more functionally. plyometrics and agility drills were the important components of the program that proved to be effective in prevention, especially of ACL injuries, but also of other knee and ankle injuries.

BAFC staff will  incorporate the FIFA recommendations and guidelines that they proposed in their FIFA 11+ Warm up Protocol but adapted to your particular team characteristics and incorporating the ball as much as possible to do it enjoyable and related to futsal.

Contact our professional coaching team at to set up a program.

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