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Bay Area Futsal Club was created in July 2017 to lead the development and growth of futsal in the Bay Area community and the whole United States. Bay Area Futsal Club aims to established itself as the leading futsal organisation in the state and the country by giving players the opportunity to have life enhanced experiences through this fantastic sport.

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The Bay Area Futsal Club’s mission is to boost futsal in our Bay Area community by providing players an opportunity to play futsal delivered by professional, top-level international coaches, play high-level futsal, and develop their full potential in a long-term plan regardless of their financial situation. Our main goal is to use futsal to educate players on values that will help them in their future as people and citizens. We aim to empower youth and equip them with technical, tactical, and mental tools.



  • 2020 Hawai'i Futsal Cup Semifinalist

  • 2020 AFA Futsal Copa California Semifinalist

  • 2019 AFA Futsal Copa California Quater-finalist

  • 2019 US Futsal National Championship Quarter-finalist

  • 2019 US Futsal Northwest Championship Quarter-finalist

  • 2019 Hawai'i Futsal Cup Finalist

  • 2019 AFA Futsal Copa California Champion

  • 2018 US Futsal National Championship Quarter-finalist

  • 2018 Hawai'i Futsal Cup Semifinalist

  • 2018 AFA Futsal Copa California Champion

  • 2018 US Futsal Northwest Championship Champion

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